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As one might know might know Exxon Mobil landed itself at the number one spot of the fortune 500 list in 2012 (Fortune 500, 2012). Over the last one hundred twenty-five years Exxon has grown from you average producer of kerosene to, debatably, the top producer of petroleum products in the world. A lot can be said for such a great accomplishment in today’s society. One of the greatest attributes to an organization of this magnitude has is a strong, determined, and goal oriented Chief Executive officer; better known as CEO. Rex W. Tillerson currently holds this position with Exxon, and has done so since 2006 (Rex W. Tillerson).

When diving deeper into the life of, CEO, Rex Tillerson one must most importantly; look at the great climb up the corporate ladder that Tillerson has flawlessly accomplished; in addition to the climb up the ladder one must research each position held by Tillerson in order to get a full understanding of his experience.

A little background, Tillerson is a Texas native, born March 23, 1952 in the great city of Wichita Falls. Tillerson earned himself a Bachelor of Science degree in the engineering field, more specifically civil engineering, from the University of Texas at Austin. After the completion of his degree, Tillerson went to work for Exxon in 1975 as a mere production engineer (Rex W. Tillerson). As a production engineer, Tillerson was responsible for managing the production of oil and gas to help maximize revenue and cutting operating expenses (Production Engineering). This Position would, unknowingly, begin the torturous climb up the ranks within Exxon.

In 1989, a mere fourteen years later, Tillerson would advance up in the company; taking the role as the general manager of the production division of Exxon company, U.S.A (EUSA) which would make him responsible for oil and gas production for much of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas (Rex W. Tillerson). This gave Tillerson his first link to the Chief executive officer positions; since as a general manager, he would be answering to the CEO.

Tillerson only held this position for a short three years before he was promoted to production advisor of Exxon Corporation. Tillerson held this position for just a short time before being rewarded the position of President of Exxon Yemen and Esso Exploration and production Khorat, Inc (Rex W. Tillerson). In January 1998, as President of Exxon Neftgas Limited and vice president of Exxon Ventures (CIS) Inc, he was responsible for Exxon’s holdings in Russia, the Caspian Sea and the Sakhalin I Consortium operations off shore Sakhalin Island, Russia (Rex W. Tillerson). In December 1999, he became executive vice president of ExxonMobil Development Company, with responsibility for all upstream capital development projects worldwide (Rex W. Tillerson). Exxonmobil Development Company engages in the outlining and fullfilment of oil and gas development projects. The company also provides research and advancement drilling services. Its projects include deep-water fields in West Africa, oil deposits in Venezuela, and liquefied natural gas in Qatar (Comapny overview of Exxonmobil Development Company). The organization is based in Houston, Texas. Exxonmobil Development Company operates, as a daughter company to Exxon Mobil Corporation. From there, Tillerson took yet another step up the corporate ladder with Exxonmobil. In August 2001, Tillerson was named the senior vice president of Exxonmobil Corporation. A senior vice president, often abrviated (SVP), is considered one of the members of the upper echelon management positions. This position often comes with large amounts of responsibility due to the great influence in the organization that it holds. The senior vice president position is usually appointed by the president or chief executive officer of the organization (What is a Senior Vice President). As ExxonMobil's senior vice president for exploration and production, he was responsible for 80% of the...
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