Oracle® Retail Store Inventory Management

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Oracle® Retail Store Inventory Management
Release Notes
Release 12.0.11
April 2010
This document highlights the major changes for Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM) Release 12.0.11. SIM 12.0.11 includes numerous defect fixes, as well as technical enhancements.
Oracle Customer Support investigates submitted issues assuming that all released patches have been applied. It is the customer’s decision when to apply a patch; however, delays in applying patches can complicate the support process. Hardware and Software Requirements

See the Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management Installation Guide for information about the following:
■ Hardware and software requirements
■ Oracle Retail applications software compatibility
Applying Source Code
Before applying SIM 12.0.11, be sure that SIM 12.0 has been installed and all patches through SIM 12.0.10 have been applied.
Before applying the patch source files over your code:
■ Note whether any modules have been customized. If so, the customizations must be reapplied to the new version of the module, or the fix may need to be applied to the custom version of the code.
■ Copy the original files to a different directory before you copy over them, in case you need to refer to them at a later date.
Running Scripts
Back up data before running any script, because the scripts provided do notpreserve data. See defect reports for details. Check with your database administrator to determine whether your database should be analyzed after a script is run. In many cases, analysis of the database is necessary to take advantage of new or modified indexes intended to improve performance of the application.

Note: Scripts do not preserve data. Be sure that all data is backed up before you run any scripts supplied with this release.
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