Conveyor Belt Part 5

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Use the MS Project file from Part 3 and 4 to complete Part 5. Use Table A2.16 and complete the following steps. Save as a new MS Project file titled Conveyor Belt Project Part 5 and answer the questions below. Part 5

Table A2.16 (Fourth Quarter - January 1, 2011)
Hardware specifications2/9/104/12/10450
Hardware design4/13/107/16/10670
Hardware documentation7/19/108/24/10270
Kernel specifications2/8/103/12/10250
Disk drivers3/15/108/17/101100
Serial I/O drivers11/11/1034119
Memory management3/15/107/30/10980
Operating system documentation3/15/104/16/10250
Utilities specifications3/8/103/29/10160
Routine utilities4/26/107/27/10650
Complex utilities3/30/108/11/10950
Utilities documentation5/3/106/2/10220
Architectural decisions1/4/102/5/10250
Integration first phase8/25/1011/10/10550

Follow the instructions given in the Overview and Video Tutorials to complete Part 5 (Do only the Fourth Quarter, January 1, 2011) and Part 6 of the Conveyor Belt Project in Appendix 2 of the text book. Submit your Word document for the assignment to the instructor through the Assignment tab. Initial Steps

1. Open the Conveyor Belt Project file for the homework from the last module (resource scheduling). 2. Save the file under a new name. So you can go back to the previous file if there is a problem afterwards. 3. Set baseline for the project.

4. Open a Word document for this week’s homework.
Part 5 (Do only the Fourth Quarter, January 1, 2011)
1. Set status and current date for the project to January 1, 2011. 2. Enter status information for the project in the Tracking table. 3. Produce and copy/ paste the Earned Value Report, Earned Value Cost Indicators Report, Earned Value Schedule Indicators...
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