Ob= Organisationa; Behaviour

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Organization and Behavior


1. Understand the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Structure2 1.1. Compare and contrast three different organizational structures and cultures.2 1.2. The relationship between an organization’s structure and culture2 1.3. Overview of four factors that can influence individual behavior at the Irish TESCOS3 2. Understand the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Structure3 2.1. Compare  three different leadership styles for three different business organizations3 2.2. How organizational theory underpins the practice of management for the Irish TESCOS.4 2.3. Evaluate four different approaches to management used by different organizations.4 3. Understand ways of using motivational theories in organizations5 3.1. How different leadership styles impact employee motivation in periods of change5 3.2. Identify the application of three different motivational theories within the workplace.6 3.3. The usefulness of a motivation theory for managers at the TESCOS in Ireland.6 4. Understand mechanisms for developing effective teamwork in organizations7 4.1. Explain the nature of groups and group behavior within organizations.7 4.2. Factors that may promote the development of effective teamwork in organizations8 4.3. Impact of technology on team functioning within such an organization as TESCOS.9


1. Understand the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Structure

1.1. Compare and contrast three different organizational structures and cultures.

The long term success and failure of every company depends on its structure – no matter how vague it may sound, structure of a company decides where the company will be in the near future. The three types of structures are:

Functional structure – under this kind of structure, the company is divided into different groups, who are then assigned different tasks – like the accounts, the sales and admin, and the marketing departments.

Divisional structure – this kind of structure is followed by companies with huge geographical area coverage. Each part of the area has a smaller division within the same umbrella group.

Matrix structure – this is a combination of both the divisional and functional structures, and operates upon theories imported from these two structures. But, this structure is associated with ego clashes among the top positions, and power clashes.

The different kinds of organizational cultures are as follows:

Power culture: organizations following this kind of culture may be able to respond to crisis very quickly, but the problem is that the system is very centralized. This kind of culture relies heavily upon people rather than committees (Harris, 1994).

Role culture – position is main criteria in the role culture. The organization is controlled by senior management at the top of the pyramid, and the system is also highly formalized.

Task culture – this type of culture is practiced more often by organizations with a matrix structure. Main emphasis in this structure is given to completion of tasks. It strongly believes in the unified power of a team (Harris, 1994).

1.2. The relationship between an organization’s structure and culture

There is a very strong relation between organizational structure and its culture, as only the perfect match of the two factors will lead to a good working environment in office. At TESCOS, as a store manger, it is definitely a priority to look at the kind of attitude and behavior the employees are having, and how clean and suitable the culture is.

If the structure of a company id hierarchical, with all the decisions being made at the top, the employees will have no or less freedom, and there will lack of autonomy at the lower level of the pyramid. On the other hand, if the power is divided between all the sections, the company culture will be lot more friendly, with the employees at...
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