I Wonder

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I Wonder By Jeannie Kirby
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Analysis of poem 

[I Wonder by Jeannie Kirby] 

Literal meaning 
A child is wondering about the natural happenings, asking why the grass is green (instead of the other colours) and why the wind is invisible. He or she continues to ponder the person who teaches the birds to build nest and the trees stop growing. He or she also wonders when the moon is in crescent shape, where the other part of the moon is.  He or she proceeds to question about the person who makes the stars shining and how the lightning flash about. He or she keeps on asking who colours the rainbow and puts the clouds high in sky. He or she cannot get the answers, thus, directs the questions to the other. Lastly, the child wonders why father doesn’t tell him or her if he knows the answers. 

-a naive child 
Point of view 
-First person (‘I’ Wonder) 

-Day to night, outdoor 

-The Power of Creator 

-6 stanzas (6 couplets) 
Rhyme Scheme 
-regular (aa bb cc dd ee) 
-questioning, curiosity 

-simple, Wh-words/questions 
-nature (grass, wind, bird, moon, stars, lightning, rainbow, clouds)  Poetic Devices 
-Personification ("trees...take a rest") 
-Alliteration ("grass is green", "birds to build") 

Moral Values 
-We should be observant and sensitive to out surroundings 
-We should always cultivate a sense of wonder in our heart  -We should appreciate and take care of the nature created by our Creator 

#Bite Eng's Review 
Reading through the poem, the questions are those common questions asked by most children. These questions are identical to our questions that we asked when we were child. For example, "Why the sky and sea are blue?", "Why I can smell it but can't touch it?", "Why we grow taller each day", "Can I pluck the shining star?", "Why the sky is bright during daytime and yet dark at...
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