I Want a Wife

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Kayla King

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I want a wife
When reading the story, I want a wife by Judy Brady, I really got me thinking. I started thinking about what she must have felt when writing this and the time period this was written in. There was so much discrimination against woman back in that time; it was easy to see why she would be upset. Back then women were expected to be a take care of the children take care of her husband, hold down a job and submit to her husbands every command without complaining. I must say that me being a young woman, my initial reaction was I completely agree with everything Judy Brady is saying. I reread this story to make sure, I was being logical and I have to say nothing my opinion is the same. Judy Brandy gave a very good argument on how wives were treated as slaves was and was completely justified in the way she felt.

Judy Brady was born in San Francisco and earned a B.F.A. from the University of Iowa in 1962. She became later became a free-lance writer during and since then has written many articles on such issues as abortion, education, and the labor and women's movements. (hill) But her most famous work was the essay “I want a wife”. At the time “I want a wife” was written in 1971 at the time Judy Brady was a 34 year old mother and wife, and also a feminist. The idea for writing this story came from she was at a feminist consciousness-raising session. She was complaining about the issue when someone said, “Why don’t you write about it?” her response to this was the short essay “I want a wife” (Napikoski). “I want a wife”, quickly became a success because as a wife Judy Brady could relate to what many women felt.

In the beginning, Judy begins her essay by introducing and categorizing herself as a wife. She goes on to tell us that a newly divorced friend of hers is looking for a wife. Then it suddenly dawned on her that she would also like a wife. Judy Brady starts her argument ingeniously. She explains she wants a wife...
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