Synthesis: Gender Role and Mercury Reader

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Sam Baron
Dr. Johnston
Synthesis essay

In the current time period the gender roles of Males and Females, both biologically predisposed and socially given, seem to be very different. Male gender roles tend to be pressed toward providing for his family as well as protection of his family whereas female gender roles tend to lean closer towards being a good caretaker, cleaning the house, and looking pretty. Are these roles an aspect of biological separatism or does the media play as well as everyday life have a role in determining what men and women do for society?

A lot of these gender roles start showing up when we’re young which could prove to be more biology oriented than media oriented. For instance little boys tend to play with things like dinosaurs and action figures while little girls tend to play with dolls and houses. Such situations are explained by Deborah Blum in her article “The Gender Blur” when she talks about her oldest son playing with dinosaurs and pretending to gnaw people’s legs off. She then goes on to explain that little girls don’t do that but instead play with their dolls and houses. In her opinion these early experiences influence who we become later in life. (Blum 104) In return I believe that such examples showcase the effect of biology on little boys and little girls. As we know men tend to be more aggressive than women. To go along with these findings, Marc Breedlove; a behavioral endocrinologist at the University of California explains that society may be just as much to blame for the gender blur. “Yes we’re born with (genetic) predispositions, but its society that amplifies them, exaggerates them. I believe that- except for sex differences in aggression. Those (differences) are too massive to be explained simply by society.” (Blum 105) Blum then goes on to talk about how biological aggression in males contributes to most crimes being committed by males. She explains that in Europe and America for every robbery...
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