I Never Thought I Would Do It

Topics: Cognition, Thought, Kingsborough Community College Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: May 25, 2013
I Never Thought I Would Do It

As any other high school kid, I had very uncertain thoughts about going to college and about what career path I wanted choose. There was really not one specific major that captured my attention. I always said I wanted to be a professional baseball player, but also had this curiosity of what it would be like to be in the military. I was very attracted by the way they conducted themselves with such professionalism, and how everyone granted them so much respect. Although I had this particular interest for the military, for some reason my subconscious wouldn’t allow me to consider it as an option. It just felt as if it was something that was forbidden, or as if there was this law that could not be broken. I remember this one weekend while the family was gathered one of my uncles asked me what was I planning to study in college. “I’m not going to college; I’ll just join the army.” I responded jokingly. It was a similar moment to those you see in the movies when someone says something so out of place that everything stops. Everyone turned and looked at me as if I had just said I was going to dedicate my life to robbing banks or something of that nature. Well, I graduated high school and went on to college as my family expected me to. While majoring in Hospitality and Tourism I managed to attend Kingsborough Community College for about two years. I can’t say I was the most dedicated student, or that it was the most pleasant experience. Perhaps I wasn’t very content knowing the reason I was doing this was not because it was what I preferred but what kept my family happy. It was all until the day I found some bravery and chose to explore some new horizons. I still remembered it as if it happened yesterday. It was a warm afternoon of July 2008, sitting at my mother’s house trying to figure out exactly where was my life heading. Tormented by the thoughts, I had dropped out of college and was now unemployed for a period of two months. At...
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