I Love to Travel

Topics: Paris, Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: October 7, 2012
I've decided I want to travel. I mean I've always wanted to, but now I'm going to start planning it. I think once I finish University I'm going to take a year off, and travel the world. Visit different countries, move from town to town, live and experience different cultures. I'm not going to go straight into work after Uni.. I want to live my life. I mean I'm ready to leave this country right now, get away from everyone and just learn to be independant and travel... but I have priorites at the moment, and for the next few years. And while it seems like a while away, a few years will pass quickly and I will be on my way to living in Paris for a while in a cute little apartment with the Eiffel Tower at your windows view, the busy streets of New York.. the sunshine of LA.. I'll be dancing with the Spanish, learning the local life of Greece, seeing beautiful places and monuments in Italy and learning the life of Tuscany..

When you live in one country your entire life, you learn to think it's all that's out there.. this little world of yours. But it's not. Once you come to realise there's a whole world out there left to explore, something inside of you just craves it.. craves knowing and understanding and learning and seeing.. I want to see the world, before I work and settle down and do whatever.. And I don't care if I'm on my own. The years of my 20s will be finding myself. Establishing myself. Making the most of discovering who I am and the world out there.

I can't wait!
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