I Have a Dream Speech

Topics: God, Personal life, Dream Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: March 3, 2013
I Have a Dream…
Everyone dreamt as a child. We dreamt to become astronauts, cowboys, and princesses, but as we got older, we realized those dreams were childish. We began to mature and set our dreams to plan more for our future. Our dreams evolved into becoming successful in the business world, to go to college and succeed, to have a relationship with a spouse, dreams we were able to achieve. I have a dream to stay strong in my relationship with God, and continuing to grow in my faith as a woman of God in His image. By following and chasing after this dream, I do believe that it will keep me on the right path toward success and even through tough times, He will always be there as my safety net.

In my life there are several people whom I cherish and am blessed to have. I look up to every single one of them as a mentor and someone to model myself after. One of these people is my camp counselor Brittany. Through camp this summer, I was always comfortable talking to her about anything, and I knew she would be there to listen. Throughout our bible studies and worship time we got to spend together, she spilled her knowledge of God and her story of faith into me and the rest of our cabin. She helped us all realize that we are not alone in anything we do and we are created beautifully in His image. Another person I view as one of my mentors is my 10:24 (bible study) leader from last year Jennifer. We had four girls in our group and we all grew extremely close through the time which we were able to spend together as sisters in Christ. Like Brittany, she was and is always there for me to talk to during good times and bad, and someone who I will always have to rely on in times of struggle. My last person whom I view as a mentor to help me accomplish my goal is my close friend Alex. After knowing each other for more than eight years, we are extremely close and I have no idea what I would do without her. She is a one in a million type of person who I am thankfully blessed...
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