I Escaped from a Terrible Past

Topics: Boy, Sleep, Man Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: April 14, 2012
This is a story of a young man who was able to escape from a difficult past to make a success of life.Born as healthy as a baby boy could be, his mother knew he was destined for greatness… but that was soon about to change. The young boy was seperated from his mother after a few years as a fierce attack by the Al Quida terrorist group. He was captured and taken to a camp where he would train with the world most notorious people.As soon as he was old enough to hold a gun his training began, even though he had no idea what he was training for all he knew was that it was a matter of life and death. The conditions was harsh and the people who he had grown up with died in front og his very eyes. This young boy wanted out and fast… but what could he do as he was still young and had no where else to go. As soon as he saw a gap he took it, running as fast as his legs could carry him, this could have been the biggest decision that he ever had to make in his life. He was out of imprisonment although he knew he was free, he was scared as he did not know what his futute would hold for expect in this strange land. He found himself a place to sleep in a dark alley, cold and hungry he cried himself to sleep constantly thinking what he would do and if he will be alright.As dawn broke an elderly man walked pass with a cheerful smile and a slight jump in his walk he saw the boy and took pity on him. He picked him up fed him and gave him clothes, even though the young man could not speak much english he showed his appreciation towards the man with his actions. After much silence the man spoke and asked the boy if he wanted to stay with him, the boy agreed with a gentle smile that warmed the man heart. The young man went to school and with great difficulty he managed to catch on… not only passing he excelled. The boy studied further after his matric year and he later returned to his home country where he became a doctor to treat all those who are fighting in the war… although for...
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