I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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“I couldn’t believe my eyes”

I couldn’t believe my eyes! It just spoke! How is it possible? It is not, right? Okay, I’ll just start from the start. Well, it was our summer vacation when my cousin came over along with his ugly little puppet which he called ‘Mr. Bad Boy’. At first it was annoying as he said it was alive and it could move, speak and even sing. But later it got really creepy! It was almost getting dark when my cousin, Nathan, came to my room and very unusually he wasn’t speaking a word! When I asked what happened he started crying. After a while he told me that ‘Mr. Bad Boy’ had bitten him. I just lost my temper but he promised he wasn’t lying, so he took me to his room and asked the puppet what his name was. It looked really insane to me until, the lifeless piece of wood just replied in a hoarse voice, “My name is Mr. Baaaaaaaad Boooooy!!!” The puppet kept on repeating its name. I literally felt sick. I clenched my ears with my hands. And then, I felt something on my leg. As I looked down I saw the filthy puppet holding my leg. Then with a loud shriek I woke up from my evening nap! Oh god Nathan’s puppet really affected my brain! I sat upright and saw something moving on the couch in front of my bed. As I looked closer, I wished that it was a bad dream too, as I saw the terrible ‘Mr. Bad Boy’ sitting on the couch and more importantly waving at me!!!!
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