I Believe in Love

Topics: Love, Family, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 3, 2011
“I believe in love “
When I was growing up, through all these years, I’ve seen many different people fall in and out of love. My mom and other family members have gone through many relationships with people; some work out and some don’t. I’ve always wondered what it feels like to actually be in a real relationship with another. As a little girl, I always thought love was weird and dumb; but now, seeing my grandma lose the one she loved so dearly for almost 40 years, I noticed, that love can be very powerful and unforgettable. Everyday, for the past couple of years, life has been tough. I have a huge challenge I have to take. It’s surviving without the people who cared. All the ones me and my family lost that we loved so much, are gone. I can probably name about 10 people. I think love is patient and controlling, it comes and goes no matter what. Ever since my grandpa died, it’s left happiness, sadness, anger and non-forgetting feelings. The kinds of relationships we all have with each other are different, but if I have that kind of relationship with other people, I say “grab them with two hands and never let them go” because I’ll probably never have the same reaction to anyone else as I do with my grandparents. With out them, I wouldn’t be here, because my parents wouldn’t be here. love can keep me going or it can stop me, stop me in my footsteps. My way of holding all the pain inside is believing he’s still here. Even though my family doesn’t always say ‘’I love you’’, ill always know they do just by that special feeling. The feeling of love, it’s powerful.

Some people think of love as if it was just a word, but I think love is patient and Controlling. It comes and goes no matter what.
I’ve always believed “love is like the wind, I can feel it but I can’t see it”. I really have a strong feeling about love, and its presence than anything else. Well that’s sort of because love is all around me. Every time someone important passes away, I always dream about...
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