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  • Published : January 18, 2011
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Assignments on the Readings
2 Topic Sentences

# 1)
In Brazil, particularly women modify their body through surgery and endure pain to become beautiful, desirable to society. # 2)
Similar to Chinese women, foot binding is done by tradition and endure pain in honor of their family. It provides reassurance about their social status, proper gender relations and Chinese identity.

2 Paragraphs
# 1)
In Leaky by Don Kulick and Thais Machado-Borges, Brazilian women modify their body through surgery and take pills called Flowcal to lose weight. Women endure pain because not only they want to look beautiful, desirable to society but also it shows that you care about yourself. Another reason why Brazilian women in particular go through the process of pain because modifying your body in Brazil is fundamentally about displaying your wealth. Since wealth is connected with race and in Brazil there is a proverb that “money whitens” changing one’s body is also about approximating whiteness. It is believed that lighter skin is considered more attractive and desirable. Though women endure pain through surgery and taking pills to lose weight and also money whitens it’s all connected to wealth, power, and privileges to go up the racial ladder toward whiteness rather toward down to blackness. Brazilian women endure all pain in order to become desirable to society and other women like Chinese endure pain because it is part of their tradition.

# 2)
In China Chic: East Meets West by Valerie Steele and John S. Major, gives us readers various reasons why Chinese women particularly go through the process of pain in foot binding because it is part of their tradition. By making the feet of Chinese women much smaller than those of Chinese men, it emphasized that men and women were different. Chinese women bound their feet because the practice also served to distinguish Chinese and non-Chinese. It is said that Good mothers were supposed to bind...
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