Topics: Rhetoric, Susie Orbach, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Amanda Bauer
FYW 102- E
Rhetorical Analysis

Amanda Bauer
FYW 102- E
Rhetorical Analysis

Works Cited

Orbach, Susie. “Losing Bodies.” Social Research 78.2 (2001): 387-394. Academic
Search Complete. Web. 12 Sept. 2012.

Scholarly Journals are a useful and reliable source of information that can be used for research, insight, and even to be persuaded on a topic. I chose an article that informs its audience about the influence of media and culture on global women. This journal titled “Losing Bodies” by Susie Orbach is a very informative piece that uses all the techniques in a rhetorical appeal: logos, pathos and ethos. She wants her audience to realize that the local traditions are being lost through the use of media and instead being replaced by uniformity and conformity. In Susie Orbach’s 2011 article, she confronts the issue of global women being conformed of their body traditions and how standardization is replacing diversity, as identical bodies become the norm of belonging and identity.

Orbach strongly states her feeling on the issue of women conformity of the global world; starting at the title, “Losing Bodies,” she grabs a reader’s attention. The title stands for many points throughout her paper, but mainly expresses her point that global women are changing their bodies to look more like the western women.

She starts the article by making the reader think about how the media influences almost everything that we do. She writes topics for us to think about like, “ Think of the food we eat now and how it is prepared and presented to 25 years ago” and “ Think of going into a restaurant and there being an A-list movie star t the next table. She or he becomes compelling…” (Orbach, 387). By doing this she is having the reader think about how our lives have changes by the media and therefore draws the readers attention in to her main focus of how the media is affecting global women’s traditions and cultures....
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