I'M Not Scared

Topics: Italian masculine given names, Novel, Innocence Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Even though Michele is innocent and immature he still displays some admirably mature qualities. Niccolo Ammaniti, in the novel ‘I’m Not Scared’ depicts Michele as innocent. This is a significant factor of the choices Michele makes. Innocence is an important theme throughout the novel and is portrayed by many characters. Michele’s immaturity is an obstacle he defeats to display admirable qualities of loyalty and courage. Michele’s naivety originates from his juvenile youth. He is inexperienced with the true nature of the real world. In compensation he uses his imagination to justify reasons. Initially Michele exhibits small snippets of maturity- protecting his sister, Filippo and Barbara. As the novel progresses Michele morphs into a more responsible person. He is able to make decisions well aware of the disastrous consequences. Michele behaves compassionately towards his sister Maria. He constantly protects her despite his displeasure of her following him ‘as stubbornly as a little mongrel rescued from a dog pound’. Michele worries and ‘couldn’t leave her’ alone in case of a threat, especially from Melichetti ‘a man liable to shoot you’. Michele attempts to fulfill his duty of Maria’s personal warrior. He tries to protect her from the harsh reality of the world. Michele goes inside his tent so that they ‘wouldn’t hear the screams in the kitchen’, to tell Maria a story, distracting her from conflict that is occurring within their household. Through a child’s perspective Michele endures some “extreme’ measures, like losing the race to help his sister with her injured foot. Sacrificing the race demonstrates a high level maturity because he is devoted to his sister and will do anything to make sure she is safe. In comparison to his peers Michele reveals a level of maturity that his friends do not have. He defends Barbara before Skull can obscenely exploit her. Barbara is constantly harassed for being the only girl in the ‘gang’. Not even Michele could comprehend...
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