I'M Much More

Topics: High school, English-language films, The Queen Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Natalie Williams
February 6, 2013
LW 102.01
Mrs. Speas
I’m Much More
Growing up, I always talked about being the queen. I’m sure many girls had the dream and anticipated the same goal. I never shared with my friends my intentions to be homecoming queen. Pride was before my eyes, I had no fear of competition. I was the number one advice giver; I held the most charity events in the community, employee at the local grocery store, and hairstylist downtown. My representation was firm and my peers loved me. I worked hard at everything and I knew when the time had come I would be more than capable of holding the title “Homecoming Queen.” At my high school, the expectations to be queen was, GPA to be 2.5 or better (weighted and un-weighted), no children, no criminal history; within the school or outside the school, a club member for two years, and a graduating senior.

Well, time had narrowed and it was my senior year. Midway through the fall semester, the homecoming court made their first announcement about being interested in running for queen. I followed the procedures and interviews, to ensure my qualification. I was elected to run for the Spanish Club. Standing speechless in the midst of reality, I was now living my dream. Not only had I been elected, I was running for the Spanish Club and with the most popular running back on our football team. The two weeks of campaigning, I ran my elections based off of donations, and spent as less as possible. My reason for doing a low budget campaign was to break the myth that the queen was rich and beautiful. My ideals turned out amazing, and the responses for my work were heartfelt.

Election Day had approached; I wasn’t nervous, yet confident in the honesty, dedication and pride that I had put into this opportunity. Right before school ended, the principal came on the announcements and said “There will be a re-vote tomorrow.” After school, I rushed to the library to finish my signs for my car that would be in...
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