H.J. Heinz: the Ketchup King

Topics: Ketchup, H. J. Heinz Company, Marketing Pages: 4 (1283 words) Published: April 5, 2012
Today’s grocery store brands have expanded so much. There seems to be two to four brands of the same type of product. If one was standing in the aisle of condiments and needed to get ketchup, they have many brands to choose from. However, the one that would most likely stand out is the ‘Heinz’ ketchup bottle. The Heinz ketchup bottle has been out for years and it has so much history behind the name. Henry John Heinz didn’t start out with ketchup; he actually started out with bottled horseradish. A lot of people don’t know that but H.J. Heinz accomplished a lot in his career which goes hand in hand in the world of marketing.

H.J. Heinz as we all know is known for the bottle ketchup which was first called “catsup” but most people don’t know the history and how it all began. H.J. Heinz started his company in 1869 forming a partnership with L.C. Noble and began by selling bottled horseradish. And this bottled horseradish was different from other bottled condiments because it was in a clear bottle, revealing its purity. H.J. Heinz was all about the purity in foods and how fresh foods keep you healthy. It wasn’t until 1876 that ketchup, or better known as “catsup” was introduced to the product line. At that point H.J. Heinz really began to shine. He went on to London and opened various manufacturing plants to start selling his various condiments which included horseradish, pickles, vinegar, and more.

H.J. Heinz brought a lot to the table with his sense of marketing intelligence. Researching H.J. Heinz and his company, I would say that H.J. Heinz wanted to create a consumer product as well as a convenience product. A consumer product is basically bought by a final consumer for personal consumption. And a convenience product is when customers usually buy a product frequently, and with a minimum of comparison. Mr. Heinz definitely created these types of products because people love ketchup, pickles, and relish, etc. and those products are bought by everyone. Also,...
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