F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gatsby S Business

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby, Arnold Rothstein Pages: 4 (1361 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Chapter 7
1. Who is Pammy? How does Gatsby react when he sees her? How does her existence complicate Gatsby’s dream?

Pammy is the daughter of Daisy and Tom Buchanan. Gatsby looks at Pammy with surprise when he meets her, Tom and Daisy's daughter. He is hurt that Daisy has moved on in life without him, while he remains trapped in the love he has had for her all those years. Pammy is living proof, something you cannot undo, and that is why it hurts Gatsby. 2. How does Tom suddenly come to realize that Daisy loves Gatsby? How does he react?

Tom suddenly comes to realize that Daisy loves Gatsby when before lunch Gatsby eyes and Daisy's eyes meet, and "...stare at each other, alone in space." Tom realizes that they love each other. Their eyes reveal this to him. Tom reacts in shock and did not say anything. He opened his mouth, looked at Gatsby, then back to Daisy as if in disbelief. 3. What important discovery does Wilson make in this chapter? How does he react?

Wilson discovers that his wife had an affair. He believes that Myrtle is unworthy. He needs money so he can go out West. 4. What things has Tom discovered about Gatsby’s business dealings?

Tom perceives Gatsby as a low-class hustler, a bootlegger who will never be able to distance himself from his past. In Tom's selective mind, Gatsby is common and therefore his existence is meaningless. He comes from ordinary roots and can never change that. The illusion of Jay Gatsby comes tumbling down. In all of Gatsby's years of dreaming, he never once suspected that he might not have his way. He is no longer able to define himself because the dream defined him and now the dream is gone. 5. Why was Myrtle running towards Gatsby’s car? Who was driving the car that hit Myrtle Wilson? Who does Tom think was driving?

Myrtle was running away from her husband because he would not let her go. Daisy was driving the car that hit Myrtle Wilson. Tom thought that Gatsby was driving the car. 6. How...
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