How How Fitz Tell the Story in Chapter 7 with Plan

Topics: First-person narrative, Narrative, Narrator Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Write about the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in Chapter 7. (21)

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* Dramatic dialogue/ theatrical and climactic moments. “is career as Trimalchio was over”, foreshadows that Gatsby is no longer a source of satisfaction, the tone Is unsettling and sinister. Also known to be former slave that made a fortune from being famous for parties * Tension in Tom’s violent discourse * Irony of Mendelssohn Wedding March * Pathetic fallacy through the use of hottest day in summer, the oppressive heat reflects passion and tension of characters affairs and makes everyone irritable * Haziness of prose to reflect drunkenness, colloquial expression * Imagery of cars – personifying cars “they drove sulkily away” * “the death car” cars were seen in a positive light, prohibition rich breaking the rules yet drink/driving accidents bound to happen. Not penalized for such crime. * Eckelberg; ‘eyes were regarding us’ * “Her voice is full of money” | Urban Drama – crime story. - Generalised opening leading to tense dramatic center of Daisy and Gatsby’s affair exposed - Climax of Myrtles death Reflective dream’ ending 1st person retrospective voice Introducing Daisy’s daughter solidifies the relationship with Tom and Daisy. Gatsby can’t ‘repeat the past’ with such ease. Juxtaposing Wilson and Tom who have unfaithful wives but despite the social differences still treat women as possessions ‘shes going to West whether she wants to or not’ “I like big parties, they’re less intimate” – Plaza hotel, less people, more tension. Foreshadowing “so we drove on towards death through the cooling twilight’Death of Myrtle = end of affair for Tom = end of affair for daisy = death of Gatsby “came knocking down like cards” – “rich people are carless’ “Small rectangle of light” juxtaposed by ‘moonlight” – the rich peoples artificial light versus the ‘honest utopian figures’ natural light. | Novels from 20th century America Tragedy- Michaelis...
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