E-Voting by Using Biometrics

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E-Voting by using biometrics

Study of using Fingerprints and Iris in e-voting

Presented by: Muna Al-Busaidi.
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Presented to: Mr.Ramalingam D.

Answer for question (1) section (A):
Biometrics is a technique to verify identity based on the unique physiological characteristic (physical and behavior) of human body such as finger print, iris, voice, DNA, face and signature, that can be identified using computer system where it can be stored in database. The benefits of using biometrics are listed –but not limited to- the below points: 1. Providing security.

2. Speed in verification of identity.
3. Avoiding/minimizing fraud.
4. High availability.(Ahmed, 2010)
In gulf country the suitable methods for e-voting are: Fingerprint and Iris. “Fingerprint is the cheapest, fastest, most suitable and most reliable way to identify someone. And the tendency, due to scale, easiness and the existing foundation, is that the use of fingerprint will only increase”(Sul, 2011). Fingerprint scanners are the most commonly used biometric system in the World. It is impossible to duplicate another person's fingerprint in a form that the scanner will recognize. Fingerprint scanner works as follow: the client scan his finger in the scanner. The scanner automatically read the fingerprint and identifies it by comparing the original fingerprint image with stored templates image in the database. The metrics used in fingerprint-based authentication rely on the relative positions found for the minutiae. There are two facts about fingerprints, first fingerprints never change, second No two fingerprints are identical (Gaensslen, 2001). “Obviously, iris is a high reliable biometric technology for its stability and the high variation degree between individuals. It has enormous pattern of variability among its different individuals. Unlike DNA and fingerprint, iris is recognized through its performance for exhaustive search to identify individual sin real time (Al-Raisi & Al-Khouri, 2006).

The process of the iris recognition as follow: scanning person’s eyes ‘irises, and storing them in the database. The process take less than 2mins. This techniques is used around the world in many application for example they use it in ATM machine no need to bank card, in the airport for passengers.

As mentioned in Testing Iris and Face Recognition in a Personnel Identification Application report presented in (King, 2002) the System Performance is: • Software and Hardware reliability
• Failures in most cases stat with software or mechanical failure. • Downtime, almost all new system have more than 99% availability. And summaries the technology is a very accurate & viable for facility access.

Regarding to this statistics as the table below fingerprint and iris are usable and stable. The quality of service is ensured by the system architecture given that it can support scalability also.

Technology| Fingerprint| Iris|
Cost of device| low| high|
Enrollment time| About 3 min, 30s| 2 min, 15 s|
Transaction time| 9-19 s| 12 s|
False non match rate| 0.2-36%| 1.9-6%|
False match rate ( FMR )| 0-8%| Less than 1%|
User acceptance issues| Associated with law enforcement, hygiene concerns| User resistance, usage difficulty| Factors affecting performance| Dirty, dry, or worn fingertips| Poor eyesight, glare or reflections| Demonstrated vulnerability| Artificial fingers, reactivated latent prints| High- resolution picture of iris| Variability with ages| Stable| Stable|

(Al-Raisi & Al-Khouri, 2006).

“A vulnerability is a weakness in an application, which allow the attacker to harm the system”. https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:Vulnerability
“Spoofing is the wilful trail to impose a false accept onto the biometric system. This type of attack is especially relevant for behavioral properties,...
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