Biometrics and Personal Privacy

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Austin Alexander
Biometrics and Personal Privacy
Instructor Charlotte Willis

Biometrics technologies are becoming a revolutionary role in which we identify individuals, and protect personal and national assets. This automated process of verifying a human being based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Biometrics is increasingly being taken into consideration in solutions to improve our Homeland Security, effectively securing the United States national borders, law enforcement, corporate offices, and congressional offices. As well as, incorporating biometrics in an effort to prevent identity when using travel document, visas and other financial transactions.

According to law enforcement, there is important data supporting the idea that “ no two fingerprints are alike”, and biometrics serves as an accurate method to determine an individuals uniqueness. There are many unique advantages, while keys, smart cards, photo identifications cards can be lost, stolen, duplicated or left at home. Biometrics creates accurate, fast, user-friendly system based upon a distinguishable human trait. Whether the system facilitates accessing individuals by fingerprints, face, recognition, speak recognition, signature verification, iris, recognition, or hand and finger geometry it serves as an accurate authentication purpose.

Biometrics is quickly emerging as a prominent role in national security. Troops defending our homeland can fingerprint suspected bomb makers and terrorists within a designated area, by sending scans across a satellite rick to determine their criminal activity. This provides a safer alternative to our brave troops rather than knocking down a door and engaging in a dangerous heated battle against our enemy. As this technology develops into our airport-screening system and fingerprint payments system individuals could see many significant changes on how our society operates. I would be willing to sign up for a voluntary program, I believe this...
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