E Hr in Pakistan

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E-HR Implementation and Change Process

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This paper presents the current picture of HR practices in the telecommunication industry in Pakistan and the need of the transformation from traditional HR practices to the latest e-HR practices. This paper discusses the factors which could support the change process related to the implementation of e-HR in Pakistan but also those factors are discussed which could resist the change process. As the telecommunication industry is being targeted for the study, the consent of the employees and the HR of the telecom sector are taken into consideration in depicting the overall picture related to the proposed change. We have also taken overall technological factors into considerations which are crucial for the implementation of e-HR. The benefits are also elaborated which could be achieved if the traditional HR practices are transformed electronically.

Keywords: E-HR, telecommunication, E-Human resource management, Pakistan e-HR

Any organization is made or broken by the people who are associated with it, Employees who works in organization are now classified as Human capital which requires investment, monitoring, maintenance and renewal and replacement just like any other capital and to manage this Human capital, organization are trying harder and harder to utilize their skills and talent to their full advantage. We have seen traditional Human resource management in practice in different organizations with dedicated department. Many organizations are now getting advantage using technology by automating their processes and to reduce headcount by enriching jobs. Tools are available in the market which addresses almost every aspect of employee life cycle but obviously at a cost. Many organizations are trying to implement their own process automation in-house and keep improving their processes as well. Some organizations are going one step forward in managing their human resource by combining all the best practices, processes and by closely working with all the stakeholders of the organization. This wholesome approach for HR is called e-HR. There are few distinct features of e-HR, some of them are mentioned below: 1) Concept of Self service model.

2) Presence of dedicated business partner. He/she is the HR generalist who is closely engaged with other department to cater their business need in terms of better processes implementation and automation if required. This is also classified as the strategic role of HR in an organization. 3) Maximum Processes automation by covering all the aspect of an employee life cycle in association with organization. For e.g. Recruitment, selection, training and development, career management, compensation and benefit management, performance management, health and environment management, employee monitoring tools, policies and code of conduct management, data management, backup management etc. 4) Addressing the need of Total Quality management in terms of human resource management. 5) Single portal ideally on web for one window operation for every employee and for HR specialist as master users. However, e-HR is not anything new. It has been introduced in 2000 when organizations are trying harder to increase efficiency of their human resource and HR departments too. At that time HRIS and HRMS were on the hot seat, employee information is required for payroll systems. HRIS systems only contains repository containing employee information while HRMS were developed to optimize the operational efficiency of HR department only, both of them lacks the above mentioned points which are present in e-HR. Problem Statement

These features are present while implementing e-HR in any organization. However, organizations differ in their process and organizational structure. Depending on...
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