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Topics: Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes, Tower of London Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: May 16, 2013
28th February 2012
28th February 2012
By Benjamin cox
History Enquiry

The gunpowder plot

Were the plotters framed?

1.From looking at source A we don’t have much evidence about the failure of the plotters because we can’t see that many of them in the picture, so you will not know much about the plotter apart from one Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes is the person who was executed.

2 .From reading source B, you should be careful when using the information from this source because Cecil does not like the Catholics, so he is bias against them in many ways, this also means that he says whatever he wants about them and most of the things he says are bad things ,but not just him saying bad things about them but them saying bad things about him. This might not be true because it was according to a Catholic.

3 .From reading sources B and source C, I think that they do not agree with each other because it says in source B that ‘He said his plan was to blow parliament House with gunpowder and would give my consent. I told him “Yes”.’ This means Thomas Wintour was part of the plot Catesby put him into this. So Thomas Wintour was part of this as well. The sources do not agree with each other because source B says they only need to ‘destroy parliament’ and in source C it says ‘Catholics must even kill the king to help their region’.

4.Guy Fawkes could not write after he was tortured because he was so badly wounded by the tortures he could not write at all not even his own name. The first picture shows when he wrote his name before his tortured and the next picture show when he wrote his name after torture. “That was one harsh torture”. The difference between the pictures are one has his handwriting neat and the other one is of his handwriting being really messy that’s how you can tell the difference between which one is before torture and which one is after torture.

5. Source D is the most useful because it says the date, the...
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