A World of Ideas

Topics: Laozi, United States Declaration of Independence, Tao Te Ching Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Michael Gillespie
Mr. Preston
AP Comp
Critical Reading Questions

1) According to Lao-tzu, what must the ruler provide the people with if they are happy? The ruler is entitled to provide the people with space, enough space for each individual person. Lao-Tzu is concerned for individual's whole freedom, death included. And when the ruler dies it is the communities’ job to make sure that where the person is buried is nice.

2) To what extent does Lao-tzu concern himself with individual happiness? To the extent that one has lost him. It is the same extent as life does have relevance with logic. Lao Tzu suggests that the doctor should be paid for health, not for sickness. And if his patients are sick, then his salary should be cut. His interest should be in the health of the patient, not in his disease. And the patient has not to pay him, the patient has to pay to the government a certain fee to be kept healthy. The government pays the doctor to keep people healthy, and if they are not healthy, he misses his salary.

3) How would you describe Lao-tzu's attitude towards the people? Lao Tzu is all about being committed with loyalty to the people.

4) Why does Lao- tzu think the world cannot be improved?
Because nature is perfect as it is. Lao Tzu says in his reading "This world is immeasurable." And the person who knows himself becomes less wanting. Knowing yourself is such a great feeling because you feel a level of contentment inside and when you feel that, life becomes a lot easier,

5) which statements made in this selection do you feel support a materialist view of experience? A materialist would say that this is all, there is nothing else to life. A materialist says that all that you see its nothing but a reality. If that reality starts to become worthless, then there is no door open. A spiritualist on the other hand would say this, for sure, is not all. The visible things aren’t the last things. Never the less the...
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