A Wonderful Chinese Dance Class That I Took

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A wonderful Chinese Dance Class that I took
It was really a wonderful experience that I attended a Chinese Dance class last Saturday afternoon. From the last dance class I took in China, there were nearly 4 years that I had no chance to attend a really authentic Chinese Dance class. The teacher’s name is Zong Xiaoyang. She was graduated from Beijing Dance University and has been a teacher for nearly 20 years. She got lots of prizes when she was young and she was also a famous dancer in Nanchang. She always says that dance is her whole life. She can’t live without dance. So even after she moved to US, she holds a dance class, lets the spirit of dance continue from generation to generation. I thought that the teacher did well in organizing this class. She first helped us to relax our muscles, then she asked us to start in the easy actions and finally come to the difficult ones. Before the Chinese Dance class entered the really dance class, the teacher asked us to do “Warm Up” exercise first. The “Warm up” in Chinese Dance class was special because it focused on relaxing muscles on legs and waist, so the teacher asked us to do stretching on Dancing Bars. Such as leg pressing and waist switching. It took about fifteen minutes and the teacher told us that warming up was a very important step before you take the later class, because a proper and enough warming up can avoid injures in later class. After that, the teacher told us the background about the dance which we would dance soon, and the story was about two youths fell into love when they met each other their in first sights, but their parents prevented them from getting together. This dance class was a little difficult because it included all ten Chinese Dance basic actions. So the teacher must control the rhythmic and the strength of the class properly. And the teacher divided us into two groups; one group practiced a difficult action while the others learned an easier one. I thought it was a...
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