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-The Zumba Class is a dance class based on Latin-American music - Involves certain interesting aerobics movements.
-There are different types of moves that change depending on the music or the topic that the professor chooses for each class. - Is given in a empty classroom, which have a huge mirror. - Is a method that people use to feel free and relax.

-What I really wanted to see is why everyone talking about this class? -What is this so amazing?

First Time:
-I felt very lost because I had another perspective about what this class was really about - I observed people standing up and choosing a particular spot in front of the mirror - Relax music and people stretching and getting their bodies warm. - After stretching the professor announced the topic of the day, Merengue music (is a very unique style that comes from Latin-American countries. Is similar to “salsa” music, and it is a very move dance) - Everyone atomically choose his or her partner

- People were laughing at themselves and having a good time. - At almost the end of the class,I notice that most of the people were tiered and thirsty.\


* Other Professor.
* Different way to teach.
* This method was more entertaining.
* We did our own move and we shared with the class.
* The class was full. We did not have enough space to dance. * I also observed how people enjoy and had a great time dancing * Team spirit was an important roll during the class

* People have good shape.
* They seem to be healthy and energetic.
* People were distracted with a sound that the air conditioner was making. * He used a Latin-American music that is called “reggueton” (This music is unique and it’s dance by moving your hips and making strong and sexy steps). * More dynamic and fun

* The people started to get anxious.
* Some of them follow the steps quicker than others

* I notice that each Zumba Class is a...
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