A White Lie

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  • Published: November 10, 2010
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Under normal circumstances, a lie is always bad, even harmful, but there are exceptions. When I was very little, Mom and Dad were always on business trips, so I stayed with my grandmother. I didn’t like to talk with others and to play with neighbors’ kids. They thought I was an unsociable and eccentric child. I just would like to think and behavior by myself. My grandmother was a very nagging person, at the very least I thought she was at that time. Every time she wanted to care about me, like asking what I wanted to eat today. I was just indifference to her and she smelled and walked away. Because I know everyone didn’t like me, she is no exception. What she did nice to me, in my eyes, was pretence. So I didn’t like her in my childhood. When I went to the elementary school, my feeling of loneliness became more serious. I didn’t want to talk with my classmates any more and every time they had additional activities, I just sat in the classroom and fold a paper plane. Teacher noticed me and told me I should be more motivated. However, I didn’t follow that. One time in class, my class teacher was talking about the poem and I didn’t listen to him. Loneliness made me think everything was boring and I was not belonging to them. I just fold my paper plane over and over with my head hanging down. At last, my teacher found me was not listening and ask me to stand up to say the main idea of the poem intentionally. I didn’t know anything and stand there without saying anything. Though I lower my head, I can feel every scornful eye from my classmates was on me. After that, teacher asked me to visit her. I went her office reluctantly and I didn’t answer anything for her questions. At that time, I could feel she is so angry with me and before I left, she warned me if I kept going like this, I would have no future. From then on, I hated myself and I hated this life more. My situation became worse and I didn’t get a good score for my midterm exam. It is a routine that school will hold a parents meeting to let all the parents know if their children do well in the school. Because my parents were not here, who will come to attend this meeting must be my grandmother who I didn’t like very much. I knew I was done and teachers would say a lot of bad things about me to my grandmother. I could image how her face could be when she came back to scoff me and criticize me and what she would think about me inside her body. I just looked at the clock with my glassy-eyed vision. The whole house was silent and outside was dark. I didn't know how the time can go so slowly. I felt like there was a heavy stone pressing on my heart. A few minutes later, the door was open and it was my grandmother coming back. I had no courage looking at her face and just waited for my nightmare silently. However, an unbelievable thing happened. My grandmother fondled me and told me that my class teacher said I was smart and would have a good future. I couldn’t believe my ears at that moment. And I thought it was my teacher fooling me before. I hugged my grandmother happily and danced lively. The next day when I went to school, I really felt my teacher’s and my classmates’ look was soft and I began to be willing to talk with them. Since then, I found my enthusiasm for study and I had a great advance. My classmates all saw me in a better light and my class teacher thought me changed a lot and always praised me in class. At last, I went to a good middle school. The first Teachers’ Day that year, I went to visit my class teacher and wanted to thank her encouragement. How I can have today if not for my class teacher’s encouragement. I mentioned that parents meeting specifically, but what my teacher said amazed me a lot. She told me she criticized me a lot to my grandmother and she could not believe I would change so much after that. When I heard that, I burst into tears and I know what the truth was. It was my grandmother’s white lie to arouse my...
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