A White Christmas

Topics: Dance, Dance music, Tap dance Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Melanie Barillas

Period 6 Dance

I watched Irving Berlin's White Christmas the musical. White Christmas is a1954 American musical film, this play was preformed at the Norris Theater and I watched it on December 16,2012. The main people starring in the play are; Gail Bennet who played Betty Haynes, David Lamoureux who played Phil Davis, Brent Schindele who played Bob Wallace, and Tro Shaw who played Judy Haynes. The play was based upon the Paramount Pictures film that was written for the screen by Norman Krasna, Norman Panama and Melvin Frank. Irving Berlin's White Christmas was an original stage production originally directed by Walter Bobbie. The company was featuring Polly Seale who was played Martha Watson. I thought that Juliette Boland, the girl playing Susan Waverly in the production, was a unique part of the play because she was very young compared to the whole cast and she was very talented as she constantly sang in front of the whole audience and being very enthusiastic. The story starts out with Bob Wallace and Phil Davis leaving the army and teaming up to become a top song and dance act. Phil Davis acts as a matchmaker for Wallace and introduces to a pair of sisters whose names are Betty and Judy who also do a song and dance act. Betty and Judy go to Vermont to preform a Christmas show , while Phil and Bob follow. When they arrive to the lodge they find their former commander General Waverly. They see that General Waverly has sunk his savings and he is on the verge of bankruptcy. They come up with a plan to help the General out, but a misunderstanding between Bob and Betty leaves it to Phil and Judy to try and get them back together. A theatrical element that I noticed in the play was that the audience was very intrigued with the play because the play was constantly adding new dances and adding various music. Another thing that i noticed about the audience was that they were very interested about the story of the play. Another theatrical...
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