Guys and Dolls: Play Report

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Play Report

For the play repot I chose to see the musical, Guys and Dolls. It was written by Jo Swerling and directed by Roy Hamlin. It was produced by Theatre under the Stars, and preformed in the hobby center, in Sarofim hall. The Theatre was very large and had a Proscenium arch stage. Guys and Dolls did not have a very large cast. The main characters were Sarah Brown, Sky Paterson, Miss Adelaide, Nathan Detroit, Nicely Nicely Johnson, a police officer and a few gamblers. Sarah Brown works with a church, and is the innocent type. Strangely she is in love with a gambler named Sky Materson. Sky Masterson is a rich gambler that loves the church girl Sarah Brown. Miss Adelaide is a dancer at the hotbox that is involved with Nathan, but not married to him. Nathan Detroit is a want to be rich guy. He is involved with Miss Adelaide but not married. He leads the underground craps games. Nicely Nicely Johnson works with Nathan and likes to gamble along with Big Jule, Benny Southstreet, and Harry the Horse Act one starts with a group of gamblers making bets with each other. Sarah Brown, and the band come on stage, and she starts ranting about sin. Sarah finally leaves, but the trouble is not over. A police officer joins the scene to confront them about their gambling. He doesn’t arrest them and ends up leaving. Nathan arrives and tells the group about a hotel garage that he wants the next craps game to be at, but it cost $1,000 to rent. Nathan goes to Sky Materson because he is wealthy. Sky believes that he can get any women he wants to join him in Havana. Nathan makes a bet that Sky wouldn’t be able to take Sarah Brown to Havana. Sky appears to lose the bet because when he asked her Sarah hits him. Nathan then goes off and reserves the garage without having the money .He then meets Adelaide at the Hot Box. Adelaide gets angry after she learns what Nathan has done and she storms out. Next, the gamblers meet up in attempt to learn the location of the craps game. A cop...
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