A Way to Become Noteworthy

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A Way to Become Noteworthy
Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power”. The knowledge we gain from our studies is the key to success. Most important is how we choose to retain of all the knowledge we acquire. Unless you have a photographic memory, your main tool for recalling knowledge is taking notes. Believe it or not, taking notes can be broken down to a science. Everything from the structure of the notes, to the style, the details you should include, and what to do with them afterward. One of the more successful methods of note taking is the Cornell Note Taking System. Without a comprehensive and successful way to take notes, knowledge will be difficult to achieve.

Structure helps create the foundation for great note taking. There are many options when it comes to taking notes. Having a uniform system for how you take notes is important. The Cornell Note Taking System is a great method to use. The system itself has a couple different formats, but the key segments are always the same. The two important sections of notes are topics, note-taking column, and summary. If you are looking at a sheet of lined paper, make a vertical line two and a half inches from the left side of your paper. The section on the left side is the “topic” and the section on the right is the “note-taking column”. After you completed all your notes, draw a horizontal line underneath; this will be the “summary” section.

The “topic” portions of the notes are the questions, subtitles, headings, or short prompts that help introduce what you will be talking about in “note taking” section. The “note taking” section is exactly what it sounds like. In this section, you take detailed notes on the topic. Once you reach the end of a topic and a new one begins, write down the new topic just below where you ended your notes in the “topic” section. By doing this, the notes stay in line with the topic you are discussing. Finally, the “summary” section should be three to four...
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