A Walk to Remember Personal Response

Topics: Love, Love Conquers All, Boy Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: November 10, 2011
A Walk to Remember
In the movie A Walk to Remember, many very important themes are present. The main theme in the movie however, is that love conquers all. Landon, a very popular boy in high school, falls in love with Jamie, a shy, unpopular girl that is extremely religious. Only the force of love could bring together these two very different people. When the other girls make flyers of Jamie, Landon comes in and stands up for her, thereby severing all ties with his old popular friends and becoming Jamie’s boyfriend. Landon loved Jamie so much that he was willing to destroy his social life just to be with her. The final display of love is when Jamie tells Landon that she has leukemia. At first Landon is absolutely shocked and leaves her, although he returns soon after and comforts her. While Jamie is in the hospital and bedridden, Landon takes up her wishlist and begins constructing a telescope for Jamie. When he is finished, he shows her the telescope and proposes. They spend the summer together, and Jamie then passes away.

Jamie withstands all the peer pressure and abuse because, in her words, “Without suffering there would be no compassion.” She is very kind and does not care what people say about her because she finds joy in helping others, not impressing them with her looks. Her religion is a very strong motive for her and she believes that God has a plan for her and everyone. Her number one wish is to witness a miracle, which she will later see in the form of Landon. Many forms of violence are shown in the movie, two of which are very prominent. Psychological violence is present when the group of teenagers are pressuring the other to jump off the crane into the river, which results in the young man getting seriously injured. Psychological violence is also present when the popular girls insult Jamie because she does not look a certain way. The other form of violence is physical violence. It is present when Landon comes in and sees what they have done to...
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