A Walk to Remember Film

Topics: Change, Meaning of life, Tess Gaerthé Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: December 5, 2011
Jazmine De Jesus
English 102
Essay #1
In the film “A Walk To Remember,” Landon Carter ( sh ), one of the troubled popular students in high school, gets caught after he and his friends put a students life in danger. As a punishment, he has to participate in helping out in after school community service activities, including the high school play. While completing his punishment, he begins to develop feelings for Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), the reverends daughter. Landon starts trying to become a better person. Although it was unexpected due to their differences, they both come to realize they have mutual feelings toward each other. They develop a relationship regardless of peoples disapprovals. However, just when everything seems to be going good, Jaime Sullivan admits to Landon that she has had a sickness since she was younger and will die soon. Jaime Sullivan eventually passes. Landon becomes successful and is a changed person.

In the film “A Walk To Remember,” there are several themes, such as everyone has a purpose in in their life. Also, how people judge each other without really knowing what‘s going on in other peoples lives. Another theme is change, people can change for many reasons. Faith is also another theme. In this film there’s a lot of judging. For example, the popular kids were always sticking together and judging the way Jamie was. They judged her by her looks and thought of her as a quiet girl with no personality because she wasn’t like them. However, when she changed her appearance for the play, they all saw that she looked completely different. Landon’s friends didn’t believe that Landon would ever leave them for a girl, especially not Jaime Sullivan, the quiet and “geeky” girl.

Also, this film has the theme change in it. In the beginning of the film, Landon is a trouble maker, a popular kid, involved in negative things and had no direction in his life. After getting caught by the cops and becoming involved in positive...
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