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Topics: Mexican American, United States, Education Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: September 29, 2013
Paper One: Walkout
There are four components that make up Chicano art. The film “Walkout” demonstrates all four phases, according to the article “Chicano Renaissance”, which are: critique and revisionism, oppositional way of thinking, sense of cultural pride, and oppression. Out of all four components, I think that the oppositional way of thinking component stands out most throughout the film. The film was really able to capture the struggle and dedication of the Chicano/a movement that went on with the students that were fighting for a better education. It showed the views between the minorities and the majority societies and how they each argued among each other to get what they want.

The film is a story during the 1960s about the Chicano students of East Los Angeles that protested about the academic prejudice and dire school conditions. In the film, it starts off by showing how the Mexican American culture is being completely ignored throughout the lectures of history in American schools. The students read about the wars that the Americans fought, when the teacher suddenly points out that it never once mentions Mexican Americans being part of that history. This shows how the majority of Americans, the school board of America, does not want to teach nor have an interest in the culture of the country that once used to be part of Mexico. The schools try blank out the Mexican Americans out of history as if they were never there in the first place. It’s like the instructor of the Chicano students says, “If it wasn’t in the papers, it didn’t happen.”

Not only do the schools affect the students’ culture, but their rights as students as well. It is showed in the film how school officials such as teachers, school boards, and principles showed a lack of interest among the Hispanic students, by limiting their culture and nationality to a minimum. They do this by punishing these students, by forcing their own nations’ principles through their head. In the film,...
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