A Tale of Two Cultures

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Asia Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Case Study 1
1. If your international firm were doing business in Asia, would you feel partly responsible for these social trends? Is there anything that your company could do to ease the tensions these cultures are experiencing? Be specific. -------------------------------------------------

Our company has no direct impact in the changing social trends happening in Asian countries. There are steps we could take to help create a Segway between many of the social and cultural changes occurring. -------------------------------------------------

As an American company operating in a foreign nation, it is our intention to assimilate with the local culture of that nation not change it. The Marketing and advertising done in Asian countries should reflect the culture and values of that nation. Just like Coca-Cola making their product sweeter for other markets. It is imperative for our company to cater to a foreign market instead of influencing it with Western culture. It is however, difficult to stop the spread of Western culture to the Eastern world. Globalization and global telecommunication have made the spread of information virtually unstoppable, and make it possible to access information all over the globe. -------------------------------------------------

To help preserve the local culture of our host nation, we want our employees to display the local culture with the way they act and dress. Language is the primary barrier when conducting business in foreign nations. Even though English is the lingua franca of the international business world, it is a priority for our representatives to learn the local language. By doing this, we could effectively bridge the gap between the changing social trends that are occurring and upholding their traditional values. -------------------------------------------------

2. In your opinion, is globalization among...
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