A Synopsis of Saved by the Bell

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Whitney Zebell
Developmental Psychology
Thursday 9:10-12:10
Saved By The Bell
Saved By The Bell is a T.V. show which is set in a high school with teenagers going through some of the average high school problems with a little bit of a twist to make you laugh or to teach you a valuable lesson. Gender stereotyping means our society has preconceived generalizations of male or female role behavior. In other words because you are a female you must be a cheer leader or if you’re a male you must be captain of the football team. In this paper I plan to show the gender stereotyping in high school.

Zach is the very popular, good looking, laid back stereotype. Other people might say he is what you call a slacker. He’s very charming and tries to get out of situations that he himself created. Zach manages to be late to every class and he comes up with some crazy excuses. Zach was late to class on his very first day of school and the excuse he gave his teacher was that there were “hallway terrorists” preventing him from getting to class. Another excuse would be that he showing the “new girl” to her homeroom. Zach manages to get himself into situations he can’t always get himself out of. He made a swimsuit calendar of Kelly, Lisa, and Jesse without their permission but, it turned out to be a good thing when Kelly was offered a modeling gig. The modeling gig was going to take Kelly to France for a month and Zach didn’t want to lose her, so he mad Kelly feel guilty about leaving. He made Kelly think that she was letting all her friends and teammates down. He also told her that she was going to be deeply missed and all of her friends would be sad. Kelly then decided not to go but, Zach in turn started to feel guilty about what he had done so he went to Kelly to apologize and charm his way out of the situation.

Screech is the nerdy, unpopular student stereotype. Everyone likes to make fun of him and shove him into lockers. Screech is also Zach’s best friend who...
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