A Summary of Vishaka Case

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A summary of Vishaka case, Supreme Court, 1997 for Sexually Harassed women in India | Sexual Harassment at Work Place in India

Sexual Harassment at Work Place in India
Working on to save Indian working women from Sexual Harassment at Workplaces

The Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at Work Place Bill, 2012 Circular for central govt employees on Vishaka case, 1998 Supreme Court Guidelines on Vishaka case, 1997


Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill, 2013 is Now Law! On 26th Apr 2013.

A summary of Vishaka case, Supreme Court, 1997 for Sexually Harassed women in India by Rashmi Singh 0

Vishaka case of sexual harassment at workplace is a case of landmark judgement by Supreme Court of India. Not because it was attack on working women’s fundamental right to work without fear and prejudice. Not becase it is a saga of immense torture of a naïve working woman. Not because a woman showed exemplery courage to fight against the male ego our immoral society. It is a landmark case because first time ever it was officially recognized at such a high level of need for laws for sexual harassment and laying down of guidelines of sexual harassment of working woman. Till 1997 even after India’s independece of 50 years there was hardly any law to safeguard sexual harassment of working women. As I write this, I’m very much ashamed of being an Indian and even more being an Indian women. It is no less than a curse. The women harassment bill, 2010 is still being worked out. And there no special laws to safeguard sexually harassed working women. Just some guidelines from different courts in India, more importantly from Supreme Court of India. However I want to narrate short summary of Vishaka case guidelines of Supreme Court for a layman. I’m not a legal expert, but only a layman like you, but yes a victim of sexual harassment. You should try to understand it in simple terms and please don’t contact any lawyer in the first place. Yes, please do contact nearby women cell, women right activists or at least contact us or raise the issue in our non-profit Indian working women’s forum. If you raise it in the working women’s forum then we’ll try to contact appropriate women cells/activists or lawyers to answer you query(eventhough the forum may be empty, but we’re watching it for support requests)

Sexual Harassment Definition by Wikipedia Discrimination against Women(UN Charter)

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Sexual Harassment At The Workplace: Study From The Law And Sociology Perspective

Sexual Harassment At Workplace Latest News Sexual Harassment At The Workplace: Study From The Law And Sociology Perspective 16 Important things you need to do if you suffer from sexual harassment Tools which help you during sexual harassment Working Woman Executive Ends her Life - Sexual Harassment Again AIR FORCE WORKS TO PUNISH VICTIM OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT Tackling Sexual Harassment of working women sans legal channel

General Points
Gender equality includes protection from sexual harassment and right to work with dignity as per our constitution. Extra hazard for a working woman compared her male colleague is clear violation of the fundamental rights of ​ Gender Equality​ Right to Life and Liberty. & Safe working environment is fundamental right of working woman. In no way working women may be discriminated at workplace against male employees. (If a woman is, then it must be documented in company policies, for example limitation of women in police and armed forces) Working with full dignity is the fundamental right of working women. The right to work as an inalienable right of all working women The right...
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