A Summary of Rational Performance Testing

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Hello World: Rational Performance Tester
Get to the bottom of application performance issues
Skill Level: Intermediate Dennis Schultz (dennis.schultz@us.ibm.com) Marketing Engineer IBM

12 Mar 2007 This tutorial in the Hello World series introduces you to IBM® Rational® Performance Tester and highlights its basic features. Practical, hands-on exercises teach you how to record automated performance tests, use data-driven techniques to ensure randomization, play-back tests, and evaluate real-time performance reports. Upon completing the tutorial you will be able to use Rational Performance Tester to determine the cause of performance problems in your applications.

Section 1. Before you start
About this series
The Hello World series is for novice developers who want a high-level, hands-on overview of IBM software products. Each tutorial in the series provides simple exercises and step-by-step instructions to familiarize you with the components and use of a particular product. Upon completing a tutorial in the Hello World series you will know enough about the product to begin exploring and using it on your own.

About this tutorial
This tutorial uses hands-on exercises to familiarize you with Rational Performance

Rational Performance Tester © Copyright IBM Corporation 1994, 2008. All rights reserved.

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Tester. Step-by-step instructions teach you how to record an automated performance test, enhance the test using built-in data-driven techniques, play-back the test as part of a performance schedule, and evaluate real-time reports to determine the root cause of a performance problem. The maximum estimated running time for the tutorial is three hours.

After completing this tutorial you should understand the basic functions of Rational Performance Tester and be able to use it to discover and analyze performance problems in your applications.

This tutorial is for testers new to test automation and unfamiliar with Rational Performance Tester. As you are taking the tutorial, you can practice the steps yourself if you have access to the environment the tutorial requires. If you don't have access to the environment, you can still read the tutorial and view the animated demos. You just won't be able to try the steps for yourself. The easiest way to access the tutorial environment is through the Rational Performance Tester online trial system created for the tutorial. The trial system uses the Citrix Access Platform to provide you with a connection from your workstation to a remote server running Rational Performance Tester, WebSphere Application Server 6.0, and the sample application to be tested. If you choose to set up the tutorial environment on your own machine, please use the Hello World: Rational Performance Tester (for downloadable trial code) version of this tutorial that is written for this purpose. In order to view the animated demos for the tutorial you must enable JavaScript in your browser and install Macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher.

Animated demos
If this is your first encounter with a developerWorks tutorial that includes animated demos you might want to know a few things about them: • Demos are an optional way to see the steps described in the tutorial done for you. To view an animated demo, click the given Show me link and the demo will open in a new browser window. • Each demo contains a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Use the navigation bar to pause, exit, rewind, or fast-forward portions of the demo. Rational Performance Tester Page 2 of 26

© Copyright IBM Corporation 1994, 2008. All rights reserved.



• The demos are 800 x 600 pixels. If this is the maximum resolution of your screen or if your resolution is lower than this then you will have to scroll to see some areas of the demo. • You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser and...
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