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Project Part IV

Part IV: Conduct a benchmarking survey to identify the appropriate pay-range for a Registered Project Architect. Sources of information include (but not limited to): AIA salary survey; survey of local Architectural firms. Develop a report with the results from your research.

According to the research, the average Registered Project Architect salaries for job postings nationwide are 46% higher than the average salaries for all job postings nationwide. Even though, the salary for registered project architect increases in reference to other job positions, average total compensation for architecture positions—including base salary, overtime, bonuses, and incentives—hardly budged between 2008 and 2011, climbing a mere $1,600 over this three-year period, as stated in The national salary data for a registered project architect is $44,245 to $81,782, being $65,500 the average salary.

In order to have a more accurate information regarding the pay range for Registered Project Architect, it is important to consider salary range in popular cities, salary range in popular universities and salary range by gender. The following charts provide us with these details information:

Chart 1: Popular Cities

|Popular Cities |Salary Range | | | | |New York, New York |$49,324 - $109,053 | |Chicago, Illinois |$48,253 - $103,728 | |San Francisco, California |$59,056 - $122,887 | |Los...
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