A Study on Various Fruit Juice Companies of Bangladesh

Topics: Juice, Nectar, Data analysis Pages: 23 (4631 words) Published: November 18, 2012

1.1 Origin of the report:
This report was conducted and submitted as a partial requirement for the course Business Communication (BUS 231). The report was authorized by Eng. Mr. Kamrul Hassan, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, East West University. The report was prepared jointly by our group members.

1.2 Background of the Study:
We were assigned as a group to have a study on various fruit juice companies of Bangladesh. We have conducted a study on their organization and also find out the consumer perception about the product. We find out the consumer perception about various fruit Juice.

1.3 Objective of the study:
The main purpose of the project is to show the customer preference to select fruit juice by doing a questionnaire based survey. We were instructed from our business communication course lecturer Eng. Mr. Kamrul Hassan to submit a business communication report on a four generetic products . We choose four fruit juice companies that are available in Bangladesh, such as Pran, Acme, Frutika and Shezan mango juice. This project also discusses the frequency table and show graph of different questions about fruit juice. It also helps to know the customer satisfaction level and customer brand loyalty of different brands of fruit juice.

We had some objectives behind making the report. These are: • To know about consumer perception for fruit Juice.
• To gather practical knowledge on analyzing companies financially. • To be experienced on gathering survey.
We believe that we were successful to fulfill most of our objectives. Thanks Allah to bless on us.

1.4 Scope:
The main focus of this report is to discuss the customer preference about the fruit juice and the factors which are the reasons to select their product. It also gives a little description about the history, mission, vision, goal and strategy about the industry. The report discusses the products and service they are giving. It also discusses, the target customer and market they are focusing to do business.

1.5 Methodology:

1.5.1 Sources of information:
We collect this information from our friends and our relatives. A small proportion of people like 20 from university and 10 from our local friends and uncle’s was selected, as the population of the study. Primary sources:

Directly from filling the Questionnaire. Secondary sources:

Taken data from various magazines, Newspaper and other prominent source of information collected from different websites and search engines.

1.5.2 Data Collection techniques:
We have collected our data by questionnaire.

1.5.3 Data Analysis techniques:

The report was mainly done on the various age of people.These people communicated with us via questionnaires. Statistical tools used:

We have used frequency tables and pie chart as our statistical tools.

1.6 Definitions and Acronyms:

The human- relations dimension of communication makes it an activity that involves ethics. But business communication in particular brings ethical considerations into play. The fundamental purpose of a business is to stay in business and, most would say, to maintain or increase stakeholder wealth. When a business is in trouble or the owners are greedy, it can be tempting to try to serve this purpose by using communication in unethical ways.

1.7 Limitation:

The major limitations encountered are:

• Lack of enough time: The term paper was prepared within a very short time considering the topics related to it. That’s why; it was not possible to demonstrate all aspects of the report.

• Insufficient data: The data required for sufficient analysis for preparing the report could not be collected due to the insufficiency of data.

• Inconsistent data: Data from different sources were quite inconsistent which created some problems in making the report & compelled...
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