A Study on Status of Women in Black Writing

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  • Published : March 3, 2011
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A Study on Status of Women in Black Writing
( with special reference to Toni Morrison’s ‘The Bluest eye’)

Assistant Professor of English Gobi Arts and Science College(Autonomous) Gobichettipalayam.
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Toni Morrisons ‘The Bluest Eye’ a neo- slave narrative is concerned with the themes of racial exploitation during the world war period. The Bluest Eye explores the experience of black femenity. It talks about the identity crisis, the development of feminist consciousness. In this, she distances the traditional machinery of the western novel by placing the main center of interest in the prespectives of an immature girl. She highlights the agony of being a black oppressed by whites, a poor exploited by the rich, a child amongst authoritarian adults. Blacks have been violently attacked in all ways and forms in western literature.Most femenists believe, “ that western culture is pervasively patriarchal- that is, it is male centred and controlled ,and is organised in such a way as to subordinate women to men in all cultural domains, familial, religious, political, economic, social, legal and artistic.” Feminists claim that literature , in all others spheres of human activity, bears the stamp of male domination. “ Too many abstractions which claim to be universal have in fact described only male perceptions, experiences and options.” A major portion of literature has been written hitherto from a male point of view, ignoring, belitting or suppressing the women point of view. The ideology of gender is inscribed in discourse- in our ways of talking and writing and it is produced and reproduced in cultural practice. Black women are searching for a specific language, specific symbols, specific images with which to record their lives. The position of black women during the period of...
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