Aint I a Women by Bell Hooks

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Jane Jusu
Analysis Paper: Black Women

“Ain’t I a Woman by Bell Hooks brings to light many aspects of how many oppressive forces such as racism and sexism can affect woman’s life. The book emphasizes how these deep interconnections between sexism and race are the key reasons why black women especially, struggle for liberation. Hooks takes a feminist stand point to expose the strengths and suffering of black women. This analysis will address the concept of patriarchy hooks emphases and many different views as such as sexism amplifiers it.

One of the main key points from the chapter, “The imperialism of patriarchy", that Hooks showed great enthusiasm is on the concept of patriarchy. Hooks claims that even in society where racism is a problem, both black and white men agree in the shared notion that women are subordinates; sexism. The few, which are the men, control the many, which off course means the women. That regardless of the woman’s class or even race, males are inherently should be dominating and superior in everything. Ironically, one found this view in the black man perspective quite contradicting. Not only where these reinforcements punished by whites but by black leaders who amusingly where the same ones there were revolting. White believed that in all aspects of the daily lives, black are to be subordinates. One wouldn’t think these black leaders would in depart from these same principles that they fought against to be used on their women.

One of the points one is in concurrence with, is idea of mistaken matriarchy with black women. That instead of black woman being placed in a higher standard, their efforts are continually driven under the rug. We see this in the work force. Black women were always given more work than off course white women; we also see this in modern day society. A black woman becomes the bread winner of the family, when their men, “black men”, go to prison. It seems there efforts to up hold the house hold...