A Study on People Preferences in Investment Behaviour

Topics: Mutual fund, Investment, Bond Pages: 13 (4345 words) Published: July 6, 2012
IJEMR – November 2011-Vol 1 Issue 6 - Online - ISSN 2249 – 2585 - Print - ISSN 2249 - 8672 A Study on People’s Preferences in Investment Behaviour
*N. Geetha **Dr. M. Ramesh
*Research Scholar, Dept. of Business Administration, Annamalai University. **Associate Professor, Dept. of Business Administration, Annamalai University, India. ABSTRACT
There are a lot of investment choices and one must select the most appropriate one. The person dealing with the planning must know all the various investment choices and how these can be chosen for the purpose of attaining the overall objectives. The details of making the investment along with the various ways in which the investment has to be maintained and managed. This study examined on people’s choice in investment avenues of Kurumbalur. Data were collected using structured questionnaires. The sample size of area is analyzed by tools selected for this study was two hundred and ten respondents were randomly selected from the town. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and chi-square technique. Key words: Dimension of investment choices, Behavior of people in investment choices. 1. PROLOGUE

The developing countries like India face the enormous task of finding sufficient capital in their development efforts. Most of these countries find it difficult to get out of the -vicious circle of poverty of low income, low saving, low investment, low employment etc. With high capital output ratio, India needs very high rates of investments to make a leap forward in her efforts of attaining high levels of growth. Since the beginning of planning, the emphasis was on investment as the primary instruments of economic growth and increase in national income. In order to have production as per target, investment was considered the crucial determinant and capital formation had to be supported by appropriate volume of saving. 1.1 INVESTMENT OPTION AVAILABLE:

There are a large number of investment instruments available today. To make our lives easier we would classify or group them. In India, numbers of investment avenues are available for the investors. Some of them are marketable and liquid while others are non marketable and some of them also highly risky while others are almost risk less. The people has to choose Proper Avenue among them, depending upon his specific need, risk preference, and return expected Investment avenues can broadly categories under the following heads.

IJEMR – November 2011-Vol 1 Issue 6 - Online - ISSN 2249 – 2585 - Print - ISSN 2249 - 8672 1. Equity
2. FI Bonds
3. Corporate Debenture
4. Company Fixed
5. Bank Fixed
6. PPF
7. Life Insurance
8. Post Office-NSC
9. Gold/Sliver
10. Real Estate
11. Mutual Fund
12. Others
Equity is one of the most risky areas. But, at the same time this is also a place where an investor can earn high rates of returns that will push up the returns of the entire portfolio. There is a need for the investor to separate the speculation from the investment. The former is a process where the money is invested without thinking much about how and why the money is being put there. On the other hand, investment calls for a long term approach that will absorb the funds for a longer period of time. Investment in equities can be made directly by the purchase of shares from the market or it can be done through the mutual fund route, whereby the investor buys the mutual fund units and the fund in turn buys equity shares for its portfolio. There are various benefits as well as risks associated with both these routes and it is up to the individual to make up his mind. 1.3 DEBT

Debt is a route that most people will know and have the necessary experience of. There is a wide range of debt instruments that are present from bank fixed deposits to company fixed deposits and even bonds and debentures whose issues come in the market. Debt is simple as the investor will earn at a fixed percentage of the...
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