Non Renewable Energy Sources

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Energy Resources and its Management

First Mr. Ankit Kumar Sharma, Second Mr. Arpit Kapoor, and Third Mr. Anil Kumar Yadav,, Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Electrical Engg., JNU, Jaipur; Final Year, Electrical Engineering, JNU Jaipur; Final Year, Electrical Engineering, JNU, Jaipur

The present energy needs of the world are supplied by the drastic use of non-renewable sources of energy, which are mainly the fossil fuels or the nuclear fuels, which are no doubt very good, but will not last for ever, they will end very soon. By fossil fuels I am throwing light on coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc. which on combustion emits harmful gases such as carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide which are harmful to the environment. Though the Renewable resources of energy which are the Solar Energy i.e. the energy from sun, Wind Energy, as the name suggests the energy from wind or the fast moving air, the Geothermal Energy i.e. the energy from the earth, energy generated from water known as hydro energy, biogas and many more. Which are no doubt very good energy sources and the qualities like everlasting and clean that is negligible pollution makes them the best in the lot. The present generation of energy is more from the non renewable resources which is bad for the nature and for the future also, thus we need to manage the use and organize the usage of both the resources so that they can be saved for the future use and the generation of the energy can be done in more efficient and clean way.

In recent years, India has emerged as one of the leading destinations for investors from developed countries. This attraction is partially due to the lower cost of manpower and good quality production. The expansion of investments has brought benefits of employment, development, and growth in the quality of life, but only to the major cities. This sector only represents a small portion of the total population. The remaining population still lives in very poor conditions. India is now the eleventh largest economy in the world, fourth in terms of purchasing power. It is poised to make tremendous economic strides over the next ten years, with significant development already in the planning stages. This report gives an overview of the renewable energies market in India. We look at the current status of renewable markets in India, the energy needs of the country, forecasts of consumption and production, and we assess whether India can power its growth and its society with renewable resources. 1.1ENERGY TRENDS IN INDIA.

To better understand the current situation in India and the future of the renewable energies market, it is important to look at the trends in energy consumption, growth of the current grid, and the availability of transportation and equipment used there. Since thermal generation is based on burning coal or oil, increases in CO2 emissions, which damage the environment and affect global warming, accompany this growth. As the graph below shows, it also increases the dependence on imports, which will continue into the future unless the policy changes. 1.1.1ENERGY PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION

Since the 1980’s, and still currently, India has encountered a negative balance in overall energy consumption and production. This has resulted in the need to purchase energy from outside the country to supply and fulfil the needs of the entire country. As we will demonstrate later, the Government is more sensitive to renewable energy potential and has started to put reforms and projects, incentives and legislation in place to convince investors and companies to make the shift. These will be discussed in a later section. India has had a negative Energy Balance for decades, which has forced the purchase of energy from outside the country.

Figure 1 Energy Production and Consumption
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