Alternative Energy (United States. Department of Energy)

Topics: Fossil fuel, Energy development, Wind power Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: January 11, 2008
Oil prices have risen to an ultimate level; congress must look into the still tiny alternative energy market. In a minimum of fifty years fossil fuels, which include petroleum (oil), natural gas, and coal, will all run out. Alternative energy is a renewable and the most productive type of energy for the USA and the world (United States. Department of Energy). Every person on this planet is provided with a dirty and unforgiving energy source, fossil fuels. Fossil fuels destroy and tarnish the once beautiful world. Alternative energy could slowing bring back some of our prosperous health. The switch should be made; alternative energy is a productive source of energy in which its pros out weigh its cons. From 1850-2000, the average amount of energy used by each person in the United States has increased rapidly ("'Alternative Energy'"). As a result of this, an "energy crisis" has began in the last twenty years. Some experts suggest that people should cut down on their energy output and save what they can, but most do not oblige this feeble request. Josh Dorner suggests, "People want rewards they will not just perform" ("Inventors About"). Recently alternative energy has been brought to the highest level of attention. Congress has shown great interest in the topic, but does not feel ready to make a full time switch. Many attempts have been made to change to alternative energy. In the 1990s the first "zero emissions" vehicles were created ("Inventors About"). They were solar cars in which they run on a solar cell, but the sun collector areas were massive and dubbed to large for a consumer car.

Everyone in the world is affected by energy in some way, but most of us do not have a choice in the energy we use. Fossil fuels are at their bitter end a billion years in the making all taken way in a couple hundred (Barrett). Wind, solar, hydropower, and many more are nearly unlimited and are in nature's good will. Alternative energy is a major topic of...
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