A Study of the Barriers of Implementation of Accounting Information System: Case of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Topics: Information systems, Management, Management accounting Pages: 17 (5264 words) Published: January 3, 2012
Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 76-85, Feb 2011 A study of the barriers of implementation of accounting information system: Case of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange 1Accounting

Mahdi Salehi1 Abdoreza Abdipour2 and Management Department, Islamic Azad University, Takestan Branch, Iran, 2Payame Noor University, Andimeshk Branch, Iran mahdi_salehi54@yahoo.com

Abstract: Accounting information system is one of subsystems in management information system that is very important in all companies. The current study reviews barriers in implementation by postulating six hypotheses of accounting information system (middle managers, human resources, organizational structure, environmental factors, financial issues, and organizational culture) in companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange. Finally, some results were obtained in this manner: barrier of organizational structure with 26 percent, middle managers with 26 percent, human resources with 25 percent, environmental factors with 21 percent, organizational culture with 19 percent and finally financial issues with16 percent were identified as barriers factors influencing on the establishment of accounting information systems in listed companies on Tehran Stock Exchange. Generally to eliminate these barriers, management, financial managers and staff must be trained practically by experienced teachers in accounting information systems to use the specialist and professional managers, to lengthen position of managers, to clear financial issues, to inform benefits of system establishment to company's managers. By giving reward to managers and staff try to encourage these people to use the new system. To justify staff that the establishment of new system would be their advantages; by the lever of reward, to encourage staff to compete in learning and work with the system in staff and learn to compete with systems that can accelerate performing and implementing the system. Key words: Accounting information systems, Corporate accounting system, financial system 1. Introduction Today, dramatic changes have occurred in the field of Information Technology (IT) and its progress has been so pervasive so that it has created changing trends in different in areas. The most important features of it are; high speed data processing, extremely high accuracy, and high speed access to information, to be up-to-date, the possibility of electronic exchange of information, high quality, very cheap and declining price. By considering these factors there will be no need to justify the use of IT in today's world (Salehi et al., 2010a). Addition in accounting has to use and apply all or some of the new techniques in their services and obligations. So, providers of information especially accountants, should be the providers of advanced and high-quality information so that their services to be bought in high prices. Otherwise, in the future they will not have any place. Accounting information System (AIS) is developed between one or two or more units of a company to achieve a specific goal (Salehi et al., 2010 b; Salehi and Alipour, 2010). It contains small sub-systems that support larger systems, includes people, methods, information and software and information technology infrastructures (Romney and Barrett, 2003). System consists of a set of incorporated components that are affiliated to achieve one or several particular goals in a way that, if one or more input can enter in it, one or more output exits (Frederick, 1984). AIS is a completely designed system for the production, collection, organization (processing), storage, retrieval and dissemination in an institution, organization or any other defined areas of society. AIS can helps business units and solve short-term problems of managers in the areas of final price, cost and cash flow through providing information to support and supervision of companies in the dynamic and competitive environment, and to help the...
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