A Study of How to Promote the Use of Mobile Payment

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Project Proposal

A study of how to promote the use of mobile payment

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Table of Contents

5Critical review of relevant literature3
5.1.Basic Mobile Payment Types3
5.1.1.Mobile Fees Account Payment3
5.1.2.Bank Card Mobile Payment3
5.1.3.Token based Mobile Payment4
5.2.Mobile payment choice5
5.3.Factors that influence mobile payment5
5.3.1.Stability of mobile network facilities6
5.3.2.Standardisation challenges6
5.3.3.User experience7
5.3.5.Regulation Issues9
5.4.Other issues of mobile payment10
6Research method11
7Potential Limitations12
8Project Plan13
1. Title

The title of the project is ‘A study of how to promote the use of mobile payment’. The mobile payment here refers to the on-line wireless payment methods by using mobile type devices, such as mobile phones, PDA and the likes.

2. Abstract

3. Aim

To identify what factors has been a drawback or blockage of online payment, and what factors can help promoting the use of mobile payment.

In paradox, there is still not a lot of people knows about mobile commerce and mobile payments as a kind of services. In Ho, Fong, and Yan (2008: 345 - 346) research paper market survey sections showed that, 250/ 250 peoples (total number of questionnaire feed backed) have at least one mobile phone; 92% of the survey populations are using mobile phone as communication channel rather than 3% and 5% are using the device as commerce and content purposes; lastly, about 77% of the survey population are not sure and never heard about mobile commerce. Consequently, many people still have no idea about their mobile phone actually can be function as a payment device. Opinion is clear that people want services that fit easily into their normal mobile workflow and daily lives. People want to do things on the move, yet most people are really sick of sitting in front of the computer for ever matters.

4. Objectives

1. Discover the current mobile payment service and merchants that is available within the current market. Analyse the issues occurring in the services.

2. Gathering facts of people not willing and willing to use mobile payment services by collecting sampling from different geographical area of mobile users.

3. Analyse the collection of data and compare with secondary data to determine problems that is actually impact within mobile payment environment

4. Identify the strategic factors that can be possible implement to improving current situation of mobile payment. Suggestion of recommendations and conclusions will be based on the above investigation.

5. Background

Electronic payment system is has been played an important roles with e-commerce environments. It has become progressively more fashionable because of widespread use of the internet-based shopping and banking. These kinds of payments include traditional plastic money - credit, debit and charge card plus included the new emerged technologies such as digital-wallets, e-cash, mobile payment and e-checks.

From these rapid technologies evolutions, in 1999, DoCoMo NTT introduced iMode (which is wireless internet through mobile services) in Japan. According to NTT DoCoMo (n.d.) the mobile internet user has increased from 1 million to 48 million in 2009. As user are using this wireless internet to download music, games, entertainment , online shopping, paying bills, banking services and others.Moreover, According to (Miniwatts Marketing Group 2009), China has the highest percentage (20.8%) which was 360,000,000 of internet user among other countries in the world; and in 2007, China has 547,286,000 cell phones usage among the world (Infoplease 2009). Eventually this figure...
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