A Social Issue - Essay

Topics: Sociology, Social stratification, Economic inequality Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: December 3, 2012
A Novel Approach: The Sociology of Literature, Children's Books, and Social Inequality and is written by Dr. Amy E Singer, an assistant professor of sociology at Knox College. In this article, Dr. Singer samples children’s literature to show how children’s book deal with inequality. Specifically, she examines how literatures show that some people accept the unequal social structures and how other people try to overcome it. The author bases her research on previous works that were done by other sociologist, namely Wendy Griswold and Patricia Ewick and Susan Silbey to analyses subverts systems of inequality. Their works examined literature in sociology and its influence of society. She adds to that research by attempting to show that some books are written to directly influence children. The author researched a sample of children books written between 1930 and 1950 to collect data to support her hypothesis. Her hypothesis states that that young people should be exposed to literary narratives because they can show young readers how the word is organized. “I focus on a text’s willingness to resist reproducing dominant social arrangements that are based upon inequality. I’m Interested in how children’s books might be subversive, how they might contain narratives about social inequality and especially about gender stratification, I look first to previous studies of children’s books to see how others have studied such things” (Singer 2011). The basis of her hypothesis is that narratives reflect society in a significant way. The main point that the author want get across is to show how through books, young readers understand how social systems work. She poses that young readers can learn how these society works for the people inhabiting different parts of society and how those people might deal with social inequalities. In reading certain books about inequality, these readers may learn lessons and apply them to their everyday lives. Singer analyses the way children...
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