Where Children Live

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Where Children Live
Literature has played a significant role in influencing the nation’s viewpoint and belief. Many prominent authors have presented their audacious and vivid literature which has intensely liberated the hearts of Americans. Naomi Shihab Nye is considered one of those prominent authors in the twentieth century. In “Where Children Live,” Nye expresses how children can create their own identity. It demonstrates how children are blithe towards life. As a result, children are capable of perseverance in any circumstance. This allows them to adapt to change. In addition, they are able to explore life and discover who they are in the world. Life is about learning from our faults in order to become acclimated to life. “I think embracing f laws makes for interesting poems and prose, generally. No one wants to hear anyone else talk about how good or competent they are. We would much rather hear about mistakes and what was learned” (Blasingame). In fact, she describes what she feels will capture her audience’s attention. Many people, both young and old relish Nye’s poems. “Where Children Live”, can also be perceived as the difference between a child’s organization in oppose to adult organization. For example, “Homes where children live exude a pleasant rumpledness, like a bed made by a child, or a yard littered with balloons” (lines 1-2). These lines explain the playful nature of children. Most adults are very meticulous about how they maintain their home, whereas, children are more concerned about having fun than organization

Naomi Shihab Nye was born on March 12, 1952, in St. Louis, Missouri, to a Palestinian father and an American mother (Academy of American Poets). As a child Nye lived in Jerusalem for some time until her family moved to San Antonio, Texas. It was during this time that Naomi started writing poems. Her passion was poems and short stories. Throughout her career, her poems have been able to express the differences and similarities in cultures. Since Nye has a diverse background, her ability to explore different cultures is dynamic. She actually acquired an interest in writing about life when she went to visit her grandmother in the Middle East. During her visit, she was able to see the disparity between cultures. Their life-style was altered. Their education, buildings and government was different. Although Nye lived in Jerusalem when she was younger, she was born in a country where everything is considered equal. Jerusalem was a place of distress which made an impressionable impact on her life. This experience would form her poems and short stories and become the main focus behind her writing. Many of her poems and short stories have a political theme to them. For example in her poem “To All the Palestinians,” Naomi Shihab Nye deliberates the war in the Middle East and the hardship on the families. She has the ability to compare the politics of America to the Middle East because of here exposure to both countries. Naomi Shihab Nye became recognized as one of the most talented and acclaimed American writers in the late twentieth century (Academy of American Poets). Nye’s poems have touched many people around the world because of her account on agony, women, and war.

Naomi Shihab Nye has published many books of poetry, including 19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East, Red Suitcase, You and Yours, A Maze Me, Honeybee, and Words under the Words (Long). Nye is so significant to American poetry. Her short stories and poems are studied frequently by teachers and students. Her poetry is inspired by her father, Aziz Shihab and one of her favorite poets, William Stafford. Aziz Shihab loved living in the United States but mourned for their international affairs with other countries. He would discuss with Nye what he encountered in Pakistan and how the United States government was involved. Before his death, Shihab was still disappointed in the outcome of the Palestinian-Israeli crisis....
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