A Seminar Report on Sensotronic Brake Control System

Topics: Vehicle braking technologies, Brake, Disc brake Pages: 24 (7514 words) Published: February 25, 2013
A Seminar Report on

Sensotronic Brake Control System

Mr. Niranjan J. Tanwani

Prof. Chittaranjan More

Mechanical Engineering Department
Indira College of Engineering & Management,
Pune 410506

Shree Chanakya Education Society’s
Indira College of Engineering&
Management, Pune


This is to certify that Mr. Tanwani Niranjan J. has successfully completed the Seminar work entitled “Sensotronic Brake Control System” in the partial fulfilment of B. E. Mechanical Engineering for University of Pune.

Prof. Chittaranjan More Prof. S. B. Ingole Dr. R. V. Kulkarni Guide Head, Mechanical Principal Engineering Department



With immense pleasure, I am presenting this Seminar report as part of the curriculum of T.E. Mechanical Engineering. I wish to thank all the people who gave me an unending support right from the stage the idea was conceived. We take this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks to our beloved principal Dr.R.V.Kulkarni for his continual support and encouragement that made the Seminar a great success. We express our profound thanks to our respected Head of the Department, Prof. Sunil Ingole whose advice and valuable guidance helped us in making this Seminar interesting and successful one. We are grateful to our internal guide Mr. Chittaranjan More for her support and guidance throughout the course of our Seminar. We also thank all those who have directly or indirectly guided and helped us in preparation of this Seminar. Last but not the least we thank our beloved parents, friends and well wishers who helped us to do this Seminar by their kind help and assistance.

List of figures:
Fig 3.1: (Hydraulic Brake System)
Fig 3.2: (Power Assisted brake)
Fig 3.3: (Disk Brake Diagram)
Fig 3.4: (ABS)
Fig 5.1: (Diagram Of the Complete Working Of SBC)
Fig 5.2: (Setup Of SBC in a Car)
Fig 6.1: (Picture of the mechanism linked to the accelerator pedal) Fig 6.2: (Location of the ECU under the Hood)
Fig 6.3: (Stopping Distance Reduced By Up To 3%)
Fig 6.4: (Reduction in Accidents after EBC)
Fig 6.5: (Function of ESP)
Fig 6.6: (Greater Safety When Braking in Corners)

1.| Abstract| 7|
2.| What are Brakes? : History of Brakes| 8|
3.| Today’s Brakes And Their Histories| 10|
| 3.1| Hydraulic Brakes| 10|
| 3.2| Power Assisted Brakes| 11|
| 3.3| Disk Brakes| 12|
| 3.4| Self Adjusting| 13|
| 3.5| ABS| 13|
| 3.6| Brake Energy Conversion| 15|
4.| X-By-Wire Systems| 16|
| 4.1| What Are X-By-Wire Systems?| 16|
| 4.2| X-by-Wire in Automotive Systems| 16|
| 4.3| Brake-by-Wire| 16|
5.| Introduction to SBC| 18|
6.| Development and Working| 20|
| 6.1| Brake pedal: Electronics Instead of a Vacuum| 20| | 6.2| Control unit: Pressure Modulators for Each Wheel| 21| | 6.3| Emergency braking: Stopping Distance Reduced by up to Three per cent| 22| | 6.4| Driving stability: Precise Braking Impulses for Perfect ESP® Performance| 23| | 6.5| Braking in Corners: Greater Safety Thanks to Variable Brake Force Distribution| 25| | 6.6| Comfort: No Pedal Vibrations During ABS Operation| 26| 7.| SBC add-on functions: Support systems to reduce driver strain| 27| | 7.1| SBC Traffic Assist| 27|

| 7.2| SBC Soft Stop| 27|
| 7.3| SBC Hold| 27|
| 7.4| DRY Brake| 27|
8.| The Failure of SBC| 28|
9.| Current Research in Braking| 29|
10.| Future Scope In Braking Technology| 30|
11.| Conclusion| 32|
12.| References| 33|

1. Abstract
Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) is an electronic system which Mercedes-Benz introduced in October 2001, and has been...
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